Monday, 7 December 2009

Material Girl

I recently got the chance to spend a lovely day down by the riverside, taking in good food smells, people watching and hanging around the Tate Modern. The Pop Life: Art In A Material World exhibition was on and with a sneaky blag (of my boyf's mum being a member) we got in to see it for free.

As I have mentioned in previous posts I know nothing about art except what I like, which is mostly funny art, or art that mocks life or art itself. So this exhibition is probably the most perfect for me to visit. From the minute you walked in, to the minute you walked out was so bright, rude, funny, disturbing, politically incorrect and just so wonderful. There was so much to see and remember so I suggest you might just want to read through the rooms here.

My favourite rooms were definately the Keith Haring Pop Shop, Maurizio Cattelan, Pruitt Early and Jeff Koons. Jeff Koons private Over 18's Only room was one of my favourites, just because it was quite "hard" to enjoy, ha, "enjoy" being a very "loose" term as the whole room was full of oversized pornographic pictures. The awkwardness of looking at anal entry and knowing how long to stare at a, more than life sized, ejaculating penis was fascinating and funny to me. Trying to watch other people's reactions at the same time was hilarious. Oh and me tripping over the clear perspex barrier into the huge sculpture of "lovers"in the centre of the room. I am 25 now but maybe I shouldn't have been allowed to go in there.

Keith Haring's Pop Shop was an exact replica of his Pop Shop that he opened in 1986 in New York, the whole room was completely covered in his graffiti style scribbles and drawings, it was so simple and at the same time, there was so much to look at. His work was brightly framed and hung around the walls with, a small booth in one of them for purchasing classic t-shirts and pins.

I am struggling to get hold off any good examples of this exhibition to share my excitement, so I just think you should go and see for yourself.

Tate Modern:1st October 2009 - 17th January 2010

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Thought I would catch up on the blogging, I've been pretty lame since I have been working many late nights, discovering Ebay takes up a lot of time and also fitting in some kind of life in between. Well all this has come to another holt as I have taking up not going to work for a couple of days due to illness which is beyond my control and I cannot explain.

Symptoms: Fever, Nausea, Shakes, at first I thought I may have been wearing myself down thinking too much about "life" and what is what and where to go and what to do. These thoughts have been taking up a lot of my time recently. Then I thought maybe because where I work it is 1000 degrees and running around all day sweating, then walking outside and waiting for buses in the cold wind and rain has probably taken is tole.

All the factors are probably just moulding into one feverish problem now that I have to get myself out of. Today, I will try to tackle the illness by bathing out the sweats and not let this beat me. I will get dressed and drink tea and maybe try and go to the shop for some goodness.

I will mostly be wearing these:

Maybe on my way out I will find the other half to wear these snuggly all in ones! I don't know how my actual other half would feel about that, but until he lets go and embraces the thermal onesie's I think I'll keeping my eye out...and so will he if he ever saw me in one.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

What's Black, White and Red All Over..?

Marc by Marc Jacobs. S/S 10

Luella. S/S10
Josh Goot. S/S10

..Ok, not necessarily red, but Black, white and a bright colour is the new black for Spring/ Summer 10 collections, these are a few of my favourite combinations.
All polka dot...? Who would have thought. Well, stripes are allowed too!

Friday, 2 October 2009

Miss Van

Last night I was invited to an exhibition at StolenSpace in East London, to see thee Miss Van from Barcelona (and her work). I almost changed my mind because after a hardcore day, my feet were hurting and I was very tired from my week of early mornings. Anyway, I did go and I was pleasantly suprised. Now I am no artiste and have no knowledge of the good, the bad and the ugly, but I will just say what I liked and why.

Miss Van had one room with her new collection of gothic, cute, twisted fashion style drawing, paintings and illustrations titled LOVESTAIN. The style was beautiful and still quite raw, with messy pencil lines coming through the paint and ink. The Lovesatin collection looked great on the walls, with antique frames for some and paintings on wooden logs for others, there was also a section with a repeated image framed and each face had been decorated in different masks, make-up, hats and other interesting things. In the bigger space there was an archive of her older work, which wasn't my fave as some of it was a bit too kitsch for me and the really early stuff was too girly.
For anyone that enjoys fashion, art, make-up, theatre, fake hair and funny faces you should definatley check this out.

As I don't didn't know anything out this artist, I have had a snoop about and she has also buddied up with designer and goldsmith Katrin Bauer to create a selection of jewellery using the "le biche" as the main inspiration, as well as wooden pins and cute nik naks.

I don't actually get art, it actual makes me quite nervous. My boyfriend is an artist and I know many other artists, who are all completely different. I like funny, simple art. I like things that make me laugh and almost mocks art. I get very wary of "artists" that rip everything apart and pick at tiny details to create a meaning. This means I am wary of being in a room full of artists talking to me about the meaning and the work, when all I want to say is I like the colours or the lips and not have to justify it.
Free booze is always a bonus though.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Ranya Mordanova....

...Is a friggin' babe!!

And a great model (of course), but I couldn't stop myself from blogging about her as I have seen her in a lot of the S/S10 shows. I get a feeling we will all see a lot more of her through out next year.
For Rodarte she pulls off some serious (hate to say it) fierce poses, then can look totally adorable and cute in the Topshop Unique collection, with her hair in bunches and pop socks.

Topshop Unique S/S10

Topshop Unique S/S10

I love the fact that the black bob is coming back in as I knew sporting it for the last 16 years would pay off. Even though now there is the task of what to do when you walk past some-one with the exact same hair cut as you.. I feel like a classic car collector or bus driver and get a real urge to nod or wave at the person like you, but I don't think people like this.

As well as Ranya wearing it well my other faves are of course..
The Girl in the Diet Coke Adverts

Monday, 21 September 2009

Show Me Your (Topshop) Wardrobe

After the show and more than a few cheeky glasses of champagne there was only one thing to do..go and carry on drinking and say hello to our fellow Topshoppers and explain our day but not leave with out letting Jackie Dixon take our picture as she has been doing a wonderful job of celebrating a year of her wonderful, addictive blog Show Me Your Wardrobe by kindly coming into store each day of LFW to capture customers individual styles and adding fancy pieces to jazz people up.
You can check out every day so far on the Topshop Facebook page,
Here was our shot..

A Couple of quick pics..

...from my mobile phone as my camera is currently dead.

Sir Phillip Green, Kate Moss, Chloe Green and Lady Tina Green

Jamie Winstone, Peaches Geldoff, Alexa Chung and others..

The backdrop and catwalk

This is Rachel, Jemma, Caroline and Dominique in front of the wall, which is what I was actually taking a photo of.

Topshop Unique Show

All images from LFW website.

I usually associate Sunday afternoons with comfy oversized clobber, chunky dinners and matinees but instead yesterday was filled with fancy fashion folk, finger foods and free flowing champagne.
I really enjoyed watching Topshop's Unique collection go down the industrial catwalk in Topshop's ShowSpace yesterday, it was full of surf inspired pieces, casual mixed with tailored jackets and latex under garments. It was another fun collection which had great styling again by Katie Grand.
As with all Topshop Unique shoes, they got my neck twisting trying to figure out my favourite pairs and as always I choose the thickest and chunkiest style (the boots in the second image).

The show was jam packed with celebs and VIPs such as Kate Moss, Phillip Green and his family, Alexa Chung, Jamie Winstone, Peaches Geldoff and many more. I'm sure there are a few things that they would all like to get their hands on. All in all it was a brilliant day.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Team Peter

Recently I was asked by a friend to join to help on the new Peter Andre video, she was assisting the stylist and this is where i would have been more comfortable, but instead she asked me to appear in the video, after a lot of no's and only if's I agreed. I am glad I did as it was a great day out dressing up and poncing around for fun. I'm also glad that in the end she was in it too, as well as another one of our friends, Robert, not Peter
The video is out now and includes my arms and the back of my head! Brilliant.

Not Working and Finding Funny Things

Finding amusing signs on walls and objects that have been a long standing jokes for most of my life are all well and good, but mocking people with missing limbs is not funny, neither is trying to take a photo of them without getting tutted at by passers by.
I just couldn't resist this one armed man (looks like he has no arms but he was smoking with the other) outside an amusements arcade in Bournemouth. If I could draw I would have sketched it into some kind of catchphrase style game and called him Mr Chips.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Alice, Alice Who The ..... Is Alice

Just wanted to mention how excited I am for the Tim Burton Version of Alice In Wonderland, released March 2010.
Since watching the trailer for the movie I have not been able to stop thinking about it. This is bad as there is quite a long time bewtween now and the release date and I'm far too excited, far to early.

Everything is reminding me of it too, this morning on the bus, I had my Ipod on shuffle and heard White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane, Clarence in Wonderland by Mr Bungle and Forward to Death by Dead Kennedys, this one isn't relevant but still a good shuffle choice!
I am now just waiting to bump into bald male twins with black and white stripey t-shirts and red braces to tip me over the edge!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

La Vie En Rose

Not knowing much about Edith Piaf and getting quite annoyed by the song that was used on the Specsavers advert, I was invited to learn more and watch the Biopic movie of this Parisian lady's life.

It was absolutely amazing. Visually beautiful, fashionably stunning and pleasant on the ear. The film starts at the end and skips back and forth from her childhood to her life growing up, left by her mother, raised in a brothel, taken back by her father who forces her to entertain a crowd in the street for money, which is where she learns she has the most wonderful voice at the age of 9. The story carries on through her life, loves and to her liver failure.

Not giving too much away, but the whole film is both inspirational and tragic, and keeps your emotions busy throughout.

Now I feel as if I know Edith Piaf and want to go and sing my heart out all over town. But I won't, don't worry! 

Watch it!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Killer Heels..

I tried these on and have fallen for them, i would probably fall in them too, but I think a hospital trip would be worth it!
John Galliano Autumn/Winter OOOOOOooooh 9..

Wooden Bolts..

These are two boys that sing and play instruments and I like the way they do it, so listen to this and keep your eye out for gigs in London, Sheffield, Leeds and anywhere else they can travel to.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Tits and Arse...

I definately want to go to London's Fashion & Textile Museum to see what was going on down under in the ol' days and make myself feel better about the pain and struggle that I have with underwear and to see what they went through, as well as setting the Glamour for us lot now!!
"The exhibition presents a visual demonstration of how female underwear has evolved as women’s role in society changed. It encompasses the changing trends from the ‘flatten it’ to the ‘push it up’ to the ‘let it all hang out’! "
A decision that pops up (and over) everyday..

Opens June 12th!

Sunday, 7 June 2009


...Will soon be launching the July Issue with a 20 page story of the Erotic House inspired Soft Furnishing photo shoot on which I assisted Francesca Burns with the styling.
The story was an idea from legendary graphic designer Peter Saville and shot by Nick Knight, a photographer that I have been following ever since I bought my first issue of Vogue.
So being involved with this project was quite a privilege. 
The whole shoot was filmed and shown as a live feed to the ShowStudio website, where you can find interviews and behind the scenes footage.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

What Did I Just Say...

Just seen that Dazed & Confused are reading it and lovin' it!!
I tell thee... He's a good un'... Keep your eyes out.

Comic comic comic comicameleon..

Here is a man who is quite fancy with a pencil in his hand, a cahon between his legs and pretty much anything that he touches!!

Tom J Newell is the talk of the (London and Sheffield) town with his finger in a few artistic pies since the launch of his new well awaited comic, PICTORIAL SHOWBOAT.

This is a hand drawn, 18 page, tonal comic created with hardcore love for things you may know such as Biggie (Notourious), MF DOOM, street art, folk, meaningless pictures and chez referencing plus loads more that I forget about. It is worth reading through a good few times so that nothing is missd!!

My faves, Urban Street Artists, Santa Cruz, Pull Out Poster (Centre fold) and .. well all of it actually...

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Blog No.1

First attempt at blog.numero uno. First day, first post, maybe second, I haven't checked yet.