Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Pastels Darling

So S/S 10 is definitely upon us, not outside but in the fashion world and is fast becoming Autumn/ Winter again but I love to see the positivity and freshness of summer and got very excited when I opened Dazed and Confused and saw this quite spooky use of Spring/ Summer done beautifully by Katie Shillingford.

I absolutely love the idea of all the pretty pastel colours and pretty floaty fabrics, with whimsical prints, but it isn't me and I would love to show images of myself in this trend, but I won't as I don't (as of yet) own anything in this, but I am getting more and more drawn to it for some reason. I'm guessing as it's a new year and a lot of things are changing for the better in my life, that I am going to just go with it and introduce more than tones into my wardrobe.

I'm excited about this and as I grow my hair out and welcome all change I think I will start my journey straight to the shop and break myself in with a packet of my favorite pastels, then by taking inspiration from summer, mixing it with some classic pieces, a splash of talc and bobs your uncle.

Oh Dior Couture...

... There will come a day when I don't just long to view the images of the Dior Couture shows, but I will be there and I will cry..

.. And I'm not ashamed of that.

A Taste of DOOM..

So, after struggling to get in after a grand night out this weekend, I half remember being woken up by the boyf asking to use my bank card for something... I was very sleepy due to the early hour and celebrating a new freedom of mine with friends, left quite intoxicated, so I must have said yes.

The next day I kind of remembered and thought it was a dream and when I asked about what exactly had happened and what had I just bought I was answered with this...

Excited squeals of MF DOOM playing at Camden Roundhouse on March 5th that we are both attending! Yeah. Now I have a constant struggle to remember who MF DOOM is out of many names that get thrown at me in conversation about hip hop, I do think I am getting the hang of it all though, he's Madvillain with Madlib, Danger Doom with DangerMouse and something else to do with J Dilla. Anyway even though I was tricked into buying these tickets for the show I am actually quite excited now.

The whole weekend is a Taste of Sonar mini festival that gets everyone ready for the actual festival which happens every year in Barcelona. Since I am not expecting to go to that festival, (unless I unconsciously buy tickets for it another night) this one will be a great substitute.
As you may have guessed I am not an extreme fan of this artist, even though you think I would be by the amount of records I am made to listen to but I am sure it's going to be amazing.

That is he even turns up, I heard he doesn't own a passport and when he has played at other gigs he has just sent other people to mime to his records, he can get away with this because no one will know as he always wears the Gladiator mask when performing. Which is good in one way because he is a true Villain and can do as he pleases but not so good for his true fans that pay good money to go and see him.

So all in all, I hope he's there and this is one of my favorites...