Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Notorious B.I.Z.B.Y

Here is the new designer Alec Bizby who has graduated from London College of Fashion very recently. We worked together for a good whole year while he was studying and have carried on being good friends because he has a funny accent, is extremely talented, loves what I love and hates what I hate and is just a very charming young lad!
I helped style, drink and eat loads for his look book and collection photo shoot which was lots of fun. Here are some of those images and a brand new video he has created to just keep on keeping busy and generally showing off at what he's good at!

Photographs: Patrick Schuttler


Sorry about the lack of postage on here recently. I have been been extremely busy with things that will be popping up on here soon enough.
For now though here's just something to watch.