Monday, 22 March 2010

Tut Tut Terry

I read this article in The Gaurdian on Saturday about Terry Richardson being accused of sexually exploiting girls in his work. Please read..!
I am a massive fan of Terry Richardson as he has produced some of the finest images I have ever seen, may that be Fashion, Art, Musicians, his Mum... it all works for me, but I do not doubt for a second it would be awkward being shot by him as he himself has admitted " he has issues".
I know that there must be a great deal of exploitation in the fashion business, I have seen it and it is awful to think of young girls being used as they might be naive or intimidated by photographers, stylists and even agents but Terry Richardson has produced the same quality of images since the beginning of the 90's and has been snapped up and used by all of the biggest names and campaigns.
So I know that this incident will make people more aware of the exploitation of girls in the industry and people should definitely look after models in the business and give them choice to say no, but when you hear the name Terry Richardson, you can probably guess what you might be getting into.
Here are some of his sexiest shots that may have got people thinking..

I chose these particular images to show how he has always been risky and these are images that have been seen in his books, on his website and in fashion campaigns. He is extreme and quite controversial and that is what got everyone's attention. Sex sells.

Oh and here's his proud mom.. photo's taken by Terry Richardson.. see more of this here.

And like he said, he never makes anyone do anything that he wouldn't do himself, going by this image I can't imagine he asks for much.