Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Prelude To A Fashion Teaser

A couple of weeks ago everyone involved in the Fashion Film that I styled, got together and did an amazing job of producing the whole film. I still don't want to give too much away as we are planning to use the film and still images from the day as an exhibition and film show in the near future.

But I can show you a few sneaky photos from the rooftop which myself, Stephen Lally (Director) and good friend Claire Oakley worked on, cleaning, painting, nailing and burning to create a mystical, 80's New York style backdrop for one of the scenes in the film.

All photos by Claire Oakley.

Modify October

Here is another shoot from Dazed and Confused October Issue, which I should have put up with the other one but I'm just not fast enough! I assisted Karen Langley on this New York shoot with Photographer Collier Schorr.
I love Karen Langley's styling, she really does have a clear style which means you can always tell it was her that styled the shoot. I hope I am becoming as good a stylist where people will see something and know it is my work. Doing anything with Dazed is always a pleasure, especially when you see final results like this.

All Images: Dazed and Confused: October 2010
Stylist: Karen Langley
Photographer: Collier Schorr
Styling Assistants: Helen McGuckin and Daniel Edley

Mr (Buy My Stuff Online) Tom J Newell

So there is a lad called Tom Newell who can draw. And some say he is quite good at it. I have mentioned him a couple of times on the blog as I also think he is a very talented artist/ illustrator. He also pays half of my rent, but that is not why I am being nice.
Tom has recently had some of his work published in a brand new book called The Art Of British Rock: 50 Years of Rock Posters, Flyers and Handbills by Mike Evans.

Now he has also set up an online Shop! Where you can browse through some of his work and even buy it if you like..? You can just click the link above or go via his own website He has put the prints that were featured in this new book up for sale at quite reasonable prices to say there are limited prints and most signed by artists and musicians that he has worked for, with a couple of pieces from exhibitions he has done.

Or you could just go and photocopy them out of the book? But you should have a look anyway.
Well done Newell face for going down in Rock Art History.

Monday, 8 November 2010

On The Mark

I have been in talks with Kat Marks, the wonderfully creative fashion designer, about styling her new S/ S '11 collection. I will not be posting or leaking any of her new work just yet, but I thought I should just let everyone know how talented this woman is.

Originally from Canada, Kat has moved over to London to study and complete her MA in Fashion Artefact with London College of Fashion.
She creates great pieces using leather and plastic. Her last two collections Infundibulum: Amazing Brace and Sirens of Titan have both been well received by stylists and publishers with her work being shot in prestigious publications such as Flare Magazine, Lush Magazine and also featured on Dazed Digital.

Kat Marks 'The Granfalloon'

Each of these carefully crafted pieces, as I see, play with body disfiguration, the shape and protection of the body. The solidity of the materials used for these collections create a shell and look almost harmful, whereas the shapes made and the silhouettes she forms create the femininity and sexuality of the wearer.

Kat Marks Biography

I have seen Kat's new work and I am really looking forward to working with her on this project and hopefully more in the future. You will just have to wait and see for further posts and the images from her new collection.