Wednesday, 29 September 2010

More Cobs Than You've Had Hot Dinners...

... On a very uneventful evening I was wondering whether to make a chicken sandwich or not whilst watching something uneventful on television.
This got me to thinking about how many sandwiches I have eaten in my whole life. I couldn't even imagine trying to figure out an actual amount as one of my first child hood memories was at my Christening (when I was 7) and being in my kitchen with my sister. We were wearing matching checked, frilly dresses but mine was green and hers was pink, my Uncle Nigel had Tweety-Pie socks on and there was an extreme spread on the table consisting mostly of bread based snacks and sausage rolls. A tuna and cucumber quarter was the one I went for.

I appreciate all things healthy, fresh and tasty foods, but I have never been one for ordering a salad, sushi or fruit and vegetables for lunch. I'm much more at home and satisfied with something like a Greggs meal deal.

Anyway, this blog is not really going anywhere at the moment, and I was just thinking that I am very lucky that I am not a size 24, as I probably should be due to all the massive cobs I have consumed through the years. I must admit though that I did enjoy the doughy cloud I floated away into for a while thinking about the best Cob Shops I always re-visit, and unfortunately out of all of the cafes I have been in to in London (which is a lot), I have never found a cob (or bap/savory-cake/shandy-bun or whatever they call them down here).. that matches any of these!!

CAFE/ SHOP: Cheese Factor
WHERE: Chesterfield (end of the indoor market)
BREAD: Large white Cob
FLAVOUR: Ham/ Cheese/ Salad Cream
REASONS TO GO BACK: Pound a bag man/ lady with the moustache/ huge cobs with next to nothing price!!

CAFE/ SHOP: Pete's Cafe
WHERE: Nottingham Victoria Market (upstairs)
BREAD: Large torpedo Cob
FLAVOUR: Bacon/ ketchup/ butter
REASONS TO GO BACK: Seating area good for people watching/ granny vibes/ softest cobs in the world.

CAFE/ SHOP: The Lunch Box
WHERE: Sheffield
BREAD: Large white cob or Large brown
FLAVOUR: Chicken mayo & sweetcorn/ salt/ black pepper
REASONS TO GO BACK: End of your road if you live in Netheredge/ Beautiful, witty babes behind the counter/ Tasty!

CAFE/ SHOP: The Picnic Basket
WHERE: Alfreton
BREAD: Crispy Baguette
FLAVOUR: Egg Mayo/ black pepper
REASONS TO GO BACK: They let you off if you don't have enough/ other than that, unless you live in Alfreton there is no reason to ever go back there.

CAFE/ SHOP: Swimming Pool Cafe
WHERE: Mansouri Mansions Hotel, Bahrain
BREAD: Toasted brown bread
FLAVOUR: Bacon/ Lettuce/ Tomato
REASONS TO GO BACK: You get to eat at the side of a swimming pool in 40 degrees weather/It's almost a bit naughty as you shouldn't eat pork in Bahrain/ Happy memories.

CAFE/ SHOP: The Cob Shop
WHERE: Derby
BREAD: Largest White cob ever
FLAVOUR: Either Chicken Mayo or Bacon/ Sausage/ Egg (Hangover cob)
REASONS TO GO BACK: No Reason, they deliver straight to your door!

I genuinely could go on and do a few more and definitely go into further details on each place, but I think I have put way more time than was necessary into this post. It has also made me a little bit hungry.