Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Killer Heels..

I tried these on and have fallen for them, i would probably fall in them too, but I think a hospital trip would be worth it!
John Galliano Autumn/Winter OOOOOOooooh 9..

Wooden Bolts..

These are two boys that sing and play instruments and I like the way they do it, so listen to this and keep your eye out for gigs in London, Sheffield, Leeds and anywhere else they can travel to.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Tits and Arse...

I definately want to go to London's Fashion & Textile Museum to see what was going on down under in the ol' days and make myself feel better about the pain and struggle that I have with underwear and to see what they went through, as well as setting the Glamour for us lot now!!
"The exhibition presents a visual demonstration of how female underwear has evolved as women’s role in society changed. It encompasses the changing trends from the ‘flatten it’ to the ‘push it up’ to the ‘let it all hang out’! "
A decision that pops up (and over) everyday..

Opens June 12th!

Sunday, 7 June 2009


...Will soon be launching the July Issue with a 20 page story of the Erotic House inspired Soft Furnishing photo shoot on which I assisted Francesca Burns with the styling.
The story was an idea from legendary graphic designer Peter Saville and shot by Nick Knight, a photographer that I have been following ever since I bought my first issue of Vogue.
So being involved with this project was quite a privilege. 
The whole shoot was filmed and shown as a live feed to the ShowStudio website, where you can find interviews and behind the scenes footage.