Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Furry Chest Goodness

Good one Topshop, again you have made me want to spend money on this...

But I'm sure on me, it will look more like this...

I know what I'll be buying in the sale, because at £385 I'll have to keep layering or buy some natural testosterone tablets and grow my own.

Guilty Pleasures

Here is a new music video from a boyband called The Kixx (!) The band were dressed by the record company butI had the chance to spend the whole day talking to and dressing Emily Atak, who you may recognise from the popular teenage boy programme The Inbetweeners.
She was an absolutely lovely and genuine lady and she looks foxy in this video, if I do say so myself.

"Already Gone" - The Kixx (directed by Stephen Lally) from Stephen Lally on Vimeo.

My good friend and hot blonde Stephen Lally did a great job directing, filming and editing this for BMP Entertainment. We also worked together on this Parody promo for the heads of Channel 4 based on the smash hit TV series "Glee". The promo was produced by the commercials company The Outfit and completed in time for the channels annual conference.
It was a long but funny day dressing all of the channel 4 staff as Glee characters, they really got into it, which made it easier for me but I think the beers definitely helped them get into the swing.