Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Assistance Please

Recently I have been assisting the Stylist, Jo Barker.
I've been on numerous shoots, flown to Munich, learnt a great deal about Italian Magazines and eaten about 3 times more Greggs than I should've.
Jo is a lovely woman and has a great eye for androgyny and tough styling. Here are two of my favourite shoots that Jo has styled..

Stylist: Jo Barker
Photographer: Dancian

Zoo Magazine: Winter 2010
Stylist: Jo Barker
Photographer: Dancien

It is good to work with someone who is genuinely nice and talented and who shares the same thoughts and opinions as I do. I see this working out quite nicely.

I will have the shoots I've assisted on up here very soon.

Jamie Bochert?

I love beautiful women that make me think so hard.
Jamie Bochert is this kind of lady, she is absolutely stunning but at the same time, is she..?
Here is the decider for me..



Well everyone is allowed some bad shots and angles every now and again, I should know this.
So I have decided from staring at her face for the last hour, that she is actually dramatically attractive like never before. A little Patti Smith and a little Pete Burns, but I like it.

Plus she is currently courting the Mr. Michael Pitt, who without a doubt is Hot!
Well done Lads..

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Karass: SHOWstudio

I have been long awaiting this SHOWstudio film by Nick Knight featuring the work of Kat Marks.
A great designer who I had the pleasure of working with when I styled a photo shoot of each of her "moulded resin chest plates". I previously talked about her wonders back in November in this blog here.
Kat has just graduated from London College of Fashion and is hitting the industry hard with her 'Karass' collection, which is made up of clean cut, hard edged, interchangeable pieces.

Here are some shots from the film but you should really check it out here!

And keep your eyes and ears out for the name Kat Marks because as I said before, you will be seeing much more of her.