Thursday, 6 January 2011

Reed & Rader

These folks are absolutely amazing. Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader are people who live in New York and enjoy things like "Pizza, Cats, Augmented Reality, Robots, Nintendo and Outer Space."
Please go to this website and look at the stuff they can do.
As well as beautiful photography they can just make things blink and move and dance and laugh and smile and kick and blow and sweep. I love the contrast of either gothy or circusy looking images. They also have some chic looking, bright images which would not be out of place on the pages of ID or Dazed and Confused.

I am rubbish with all things technological and how they do this amazes me. I can't even put an example of the animated cleverness on here, so here are a few still images, but you should definitely go to their website HERE for a proper gander.

One day I hope to work with such talent and come up with a shakey down town type of shoot that would make me laugh every time I looked at it.

Balenciaga.. I Definitely Would.

' O ' FACE.

New Year

Happy New Year People.

I know I am 6 days late to say this, but I will not start the year as I mean to go on. I will post regularly at least twice a week (which is still pretty bad in some hardcore blogger's eyes)
It may mean that MUGGINS contains less impractical bread posts and more images that will show the visual flow of my year in process. Who knows, this might be how you get people to actually follow you too.

I hope everyone had great fun times over the Festive Holidays and Santa dumped good in everyone's sack.

Good day then.