Saturday, 6 February 2010

Candle Extravaganza

I have found a new love of candles and waxwork.
It all started at the beginning of winter when it became too cold for me to sit outside my backdoor to smoke, so I would stay inside and burn a few candles to burn away the smoke. Then I went a step further and bought some scented candles, which evidently produced a nicer smell than smoke. Then after a visit from family who saw I had candles, I received a lot of candles as Christmas gifts, all different shapes, sizes, scents and colours and I was most grateful. Sometimes it is a shame to use them though.

Then I came across DL & Company who produce collections of some of the most beautiful products I've ever seen from candles to stationary. It all has quite a gothic feel about it and their stuff would make great gifts.

Here are some of my favourite candles that I would like to receive. They are quite expensive though if you were to actually use them, but I'm sure they are more for decoration than covering up smokey smells.
This black skull candle with the snake (quite an obvious choice of mine) is amazing and would sit perfectly on my cabinet in between my white skull candle and my scientist skull.

Then you see this hand candle ( A.K.A 'The Hand-le'). I used the burning image because it is just so brilliant!

But this is my absolute favourite and I want it so bad! It is an actual size head and neck candle and is more like a sculpture of wax. It has the size and the weight to make me want to splash out $450 dollars on it.

And the wick is on the inside so she crys wax out of her eyes! Oh my, if there is anything I want this year it is this! I would definitely burn it once to get the wax down her face and leave it as a talking piece, then just burn tealight candles from the pound shop.

Dear Saint Valentine,

Please send this to me!

Sunday, 31 January 2010

It's The Shoooes

Maybe not as extreme, but these are a great, more wearable way to wear this animal skin trend through the summer without any snapped ankles.
Good ol' Jeffrey Cambell.

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2010

Or I am also tempted by these classic, red hot, black strap wedge boots by Sam Edelman. They're the perfect kind of equestrian/ bondage that I could really get used to.

I really would just feel like a true HOEmie in these and the new Ashish sweat pants from the Topshop collection.

Black is the new Black

As a swift follow on from the last post, here is a band that I do love and deserves mentioning. After accidently stumbling upon a Black Sabbath tribute band last night in Dalston, I have realized how I have been neglecting my passion for them. I got there just in time to hear this brilliant band do all my favorite Black Sabbath songs extremely well and just drunk enough to get as close as possible and really enjoy myself. The bottom half of my legs and my neck are paying for my enjoyment though.

Here is my tribute.


That is enough now. No more music that sounds exactly the same and does not have any point to it at all, apart from this young girl who might have fun for about a year and carry on brushing her teeth with "Jack" which will probably lead to a crack habit. So NO I will not put my hands up and NO the party doesn't start when you walk in. So F**k Off.
If you want to find out more about this girl, watch a lot of T4 or Viva music channel.