Saturday, 2 July 2011


Everyman and his dog gets excited about the Topshop Collections. Autumn/ Winter is my favourite season and I wait till this time of year to see what I will want to be wearing in a few months and still continuously moan about summer attire.
There are some classic 'best seller' trends that pop up every season from Topshop.. The trends Thrift and Barvaria are those for me this season and will most likely merge throughout the season within merchandising and sales (I guess).

My absolute favourite that I got pretty excited about is the Psychobilly trend with pieces that are my style and timeless pieces that would last me for many seasons ahead. Clear inspirations from Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs collections we saw back in February. Good tailoring mixed with chic knits and perfect day to night easy styling.



Glam Rock
I have a great Love/ Hate relationship with Topshop. I hate how much I love it. It will mostly be more boots, jackets and knitwear I will have to give in to from here very soon.