Saturday, 8 August 2009

Team Peter

Recently I was asked by a friend to join to help on the new Peter Andre video, she was assisting the stylist and this is where i would have been more comfortable, but instead she asked me to appear in the video, after a lot of no's and only if's I agreed. I am glad I did as it was a great day out dressing up and poncing around for fun. I'm also glad that in the end she was in it too, as well as another one of our friends, Robert, not Peter
The video is out now and includes my arms and the back of my head! Brilliant.

Not Working and Finding Funny Things

Finding amusing signs on walls and objects that have been a long standing jokes for most of my life are all well and good, but mocking people with missing limbs is not funny, neither is trying to take a photo of them without getting tutted at by passers by.
I just couldn't resist this one armed man (looks like he has no arms but he was smoking with the other) outside an amusements arcade in Bournemouth. If I could draw I would have sketched it into some kind of catchphrase style game and called him Mr Chips.