Friday, 8 January 2010

Del Largerfield

Not everyday you go back up to Sheffield and after preparing to dress for a fashionable New Years Evening come down to get a swift vodka and vimto then bump into the one and only Karl Lagerfield.

Happy New Year All x

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Where The Wild Things Are...

...So Yes, I went to see Where The Wild Things Are and I loved it.
I do kind of remember having the book as a child, or it was my big sister's, but either way I recognised the book and story when I first heard the movie was coming out. From then I have heard all the details from my boyf, who was and still obviously into the story and before I found out the Tagline for the film, I honestly do believe there is one in all of us, but mostly him.

I was feeling bad suffering from another extreme head cold in the independent cinema that we went to but it wasn't busy in there and although I wasn't disturbing many people, the sound of my snotty roars were louder, until I learnt to disguise them behind the screaming that was on the film. I like how the film was so simple, with only the same characters throughout and so little actually happening, but so good to watch, I think that's what gets your attention for so long.

Not going to go into too much detail about this, except I loved it so much I cried quite heavily at the end and the beginning scene was my absolute favourite where the main lad is just going mental all over his house and that's the kind of thing I could relate to, this is also mostly what I remember from my childhood. Funtimes.