Tuesday, 27 April 2010

London Is Nice..

..Pleasantries from the side of a canal on a sunny day.



The Big Breakfast House.

Funny Boats.

Graffiti Up Walls.

Good Furniture Outside.

Riding Scarily Close to The Canal.

The Olympic Stadium on The Left.

Colourful Furniture Outside Again and Step by Step Recycling and Tiered Plant Pots.

Lilly Pads and Good Reflections.

Good Buildings Getting Radged.

No Fishing.


Oh and a huge floating dead rat in the canal that I WISH I had stopped to photograph. Might go back later in the week to see if it's swollen any bigger.

Monday, 26 April 2010

So Extreme..

Just seen the Uncut video of M.I.A's new single Born Free, it is very controversial. Guns, Violence, Sex and Gingers.
Gingers have got to hit back at this.. I wonder if M.I.A hates gingers or maybe at one time of her life was a ginger (highly unlikely) and is sharing the trauma that they have to deal with or I just don't get it. Either way this 9 minute explicit video is quite the conversation starter. Just make sure you don't watch it before 9pm.

I'm sure I saw the Boy from Gummo sat on the bus too, I'm not sure if it was him, but I'd like to think he's gone on to do better things than this as he was amazing in that film. I haven't seen it in a long time. Thanks M.I.A for reminding me.