Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Belated Work Posts

I have been very busy recently assisting full time, styling shoots of my own and also trying to get an Exhibition together for the end of the month.
I now have all of my work on my website here.. Which includes images from the lovely Kat Marks photo shoot that I styled to show her collection The Karass.

And also new images shot by Patrick Schuttler, the tanned Oz photographer who shot my last exhibition, The Chopped Off heads of Leviathan. These are stills from a short Fashion Film I have styled and myself, Patrick and the blondie Art Director Stephen Lally are in the middle of turning the film and using the beautiful stills into another exhibition where we will show the full Film in one room and the photographic images in another. There is hopes to submit this film to Diane Pernet's Fashion Film Festival too this year, but I'll let you know how that goes.

So anyway have a wander over to my other website to see the full stories and more of my other work. I have a few other projects in motion with some other talented photographers like Sean Carpenter and Karina Lax which I am very excited about and will share soon.