Friday, 2 October 2009

Miss Van

Last night I was invited to an exhibition at StolenSpace in East London, to see thee Miss Van from Barcelona (and her work). I almost changed my mind because after a hardcore day, my feet were hurting and I was very tired from my week of early mornings. Anyway, I did go and I was pleasantly suprised. Now I am no artiste and have no knowledge of the good, the bad and the ugly, but I will just say what I liked and why.

Miss Van had one room with her new collection of gothic, cute, twisted fashion style drawing, paintings and illustrations titled LOVESTAIN. The style was beautiful and still quite raw, with messy pencil lines coming through the paint and ink. The Lovesatin collection looked great on the walls, with antique frames for some and paintings on wooden logs for others, there was also a section with a repeated image framed and each face had been decorated in different masks, make-up, hats and other interesting things. In the bigger space there was an archive of her older work, which wasn't my fave as some of it was a bit too kitsch for me and the really early stuff was too girly.
For anyone that enjoys fashion, art, make-up, theatre, fake hair and funny faces you should definatley check this out.

As I don't didn't know anything out this artist, I have had a snoop about and she has also buddied up with designer and goldsmith Katrin Bauer to create a selection of jewellery using the "le biche" as the main inspiration, as well as wooden pins and cute nik naks.

I don't actually get art, it actual makes me quite nervous. My boyfriend is an artist and I know many other artists, who are all completely different. I like funny, simple art. I like things that make me laugh and almost mocks art. I get very wary of "artists" that rip everything apart and pick at tiny details to create a meaning. This means I am wary of being in a room full of artists talking to me about the meaning and the work, when all I want to say is I like the colours or the lips and not have to justify it.
Free booze is always a bonus though.