Sunday, 28 June 2009

La Vie En Rose

Not knowing much about Edith Piaf and getting quite annoyed by the song that was used on the Specsavers advert, I was invited to learn more and watch the Biopic movie of this Parisian lady's life.

It was absolutely amazing. Visually beautiful, fashionably stunning and pleasant on the ear. The film starts at the end and skips back and forth from her childhood to her life growing up, left by her mother, raised in a brothel, taken back by her father who forces her to entertain a crowd in the street for money, which is where she learns she has the most wonderful voice at the age of 9. The story carries on through her life, loves and to her liver failure.

Not giving too much away, but the whole film is both inspirational and tragic, and keeps your emotions busy throughout.

Now I feel as if I know Edith Piaf and want to go and sing my heart out all over town. But I won't, don't worry! 

Watch it!