Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Ranya Mordanova....

...Is a friggin' babe!!

And a great model (of course), but I couldn't stop myself from blogging about her as I have seen her in a lot of the S/S10 shows. I get a feeling we will all see a lot more of her through out next year.
For Rodarte she pulls off some serious (hate to say it) fierce poses, then can look totally adorable and cute in the Topshop Unique collection, with her hair in bunches and pop socks.

Topshop Unique S/S10

Topshop Unique S/S10

I love the fact that the black bob is coming back in as I knew sporting it for the last 16 years would pay off. Even though now there is the task of what to do when you walk past some-one with the exact same hair cut as you.. I feel like a classic car collector or bus driver and get a real urge to nod or wave at the person like you, but I don't think people like this.

As well as Ranya wearing it well my other faves are of course..
The Girl in the Diet Coke Adverts

Monday, 21 September 2009

Show Me Your (Topshop) Wardrobe

After the show and more than a few cheeky glasses of champagne there was only one thing to do..go and carry on drinking and say hello to our fellow Topshoppers and explain our day but not leave with out letting Jackie Dixon take our picture as she has been doing a wonderful job of celebrating a year of her wonderful, addictive blog Show Me Your Wardrobe by kindly coming into store each day of LFW to capture customers individual styles and adding fancy pieces to jazz people up.
You can check out every day so far on the Topshop Facebook page,
Here was our shot..

A Couple of quick pics..

...from my mobile phone as my camera is currently dead.

Sir Phillip Green, Kate Moss, Chloe Green and Lady Tina Green

Jamie Winstone, Peaches Geldoff, Alexa Chung and others..

The backdrop and catwalk

This is Rachel, Jemma, Caroline and Dominique in front of the wall, which is what I was actually taking a photo of.

Topshop Unique Show

All images from LFW website.

I usually associate Sunday afternoons with comfy oversized clobber, chunky dinners and matinees but instead yesterday was filled with fancy fashion folk, finger foods and free flowing champagne.
I really enjoyed watching Topshop's Unique collection go down the industrial catwalk in Topshop's ShowSpace yesterday, it was full of surf inspired pieces, casual mixed with tailored jackets and latex under garments. It was another fun collection which had great styling again by Katie Grand.
As with all Topshop Unique shoes, they got my neck twisting trying to figure out my favourite pairs and as always I choose the thickest and chunkiest style (the boots in the second image).

The show was jam packed with celebs and VIPs such as Kate Moss, Phillip Green and his family, Alexa Chung, Jamie Winstone, Peaches Geldoff and many more. I'm sure there are a few things that they would all like to get their hands on. All in all it was a brilliant day.