Saturday, 6 June 2009

What Did I Just Say...

Just seen that Dazed & Confused are reading it and lovin' it!!
I tell thee... He's a good un'... Keep your eyes out.

Comic comic comic comicameleon..

Here is a man who is quite fancy with a pencil in his hand, a cahon between his legs and pretty much anything that he touches!!

Tom J Newell is the talk of the (London and Sheffield) town with his finger in a few artistic pies since the launch of his new well awaited comic, PICTORIAL SHOWBOAT.

This is a hand drawn, 18 page, tonal comic created with hardcore love for things you may know such as Biggie (Notourious), MF DOOM, street art, folk, meaningless pictures and chez referencing plus loads more that I forget about. It is worth reading through a good few times so that nothing is missd!!

My faves, Urban Street Artists, Santa Cruz, Pull Out Poster (Centre fold) and .. well all of it actually...