Monday, 19 March 2012

Boys Boys Boys..

.. In the whole time I have been working as a Fashion Assistant and Stylist I have only worked on two menswear stories. I recently began working with/ assisting Stevie Westgarth who is predominantly a menswear stylist and I worked on our first photo shoot last week.
I have never really followed menswear collections even though the classics always catch my eye like Jil Sander, Prada, Dior Homme and even then I never paid that much attention.

I always thought menswear must be harder to work on than womenswear as the choice is distinctively smaller in terms of clothing items and there is the risk of it all looking pretty 'samey'. Though looking through the collections with a story in mind it is actually very interesting and even with the obvious variation of suits, shirts, trouser length etc.. there is much more to see than I thought there would be.

I also get emails now from Model Agencies with pictures of half naked men which is always a bonus but I do understand you're not allowed to touch them (on purpose)! Anyway here are some of my favourite pieces of Stevie's work and I am happy to be working with him and I like that I am still learning all the time.

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